Keto Curried Cauliflower Soup

This recipe will prove just how easy it is to make your own perfectly pureed veggie bone broth soup!

If you’ve been searching for a comfort food that won’t put you in a carb-induced food coma, your wish has been granted. Enter: cauliflower, one of the only vegetables that has the power to transform ordinary soups into creamy, indulgent dishes. And, did we mention they’re low carb? Like we needed another excuse to dig this veg. 

If you love cauliflower, you’ll absolutely love this curried cauliflower soup. If you don’t usually dig cauliflower, you’ll still dig this recipe.

In an effort to add more simple - yet ultimately satisfying - keto recipes to our soup repertoire, we asked our in-house chefs to come up with their own version of an easy cauliflower soup - and we have to tell you, this one is good.

For some reason, there’s a popular misconception that homemade soups require a huge amount of time and effort. Although this might be true for some recipes, consider this one of the exceptions. 

This keto soup recipe comes together in under 10 minutes, and doesn’t involve any obscure kitchen appliances or long hours of prep work. Saying that this recipe changed our lives may sound dramatic, but in the case of this curried cauliflower soup, we can honestly say it’s no exaggeration.

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Keto Curried Cauliflower Soup

How to Make Our Keto Curried Cauliflower Soup

Preheat the oven to 425°F, and set out your cream cheese to soften. This step is important so that it’s nice and malleable when you go to add it to the hot soup.

While you’re waiting for the oven, wash and cut your cauliflower into small, bite-sized pieces. Lay them out on a non-stick baking sheet, and drizzle them lightly with olive oil. Bake them for 20-30 minutes, or until they are tender all the way through. (Roasting the cauliflower like this gives the soup its unique, toasty flavor.)

While you’re waiting for the cauliflower to bake, prepare the Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth soup cup according to the directions on the package.

When your cauliflower is done, carefully add it to a blender (or food processor) putting a few pieces aside for later. Add in the bone broth soup cup, warm temperature cream cheese, curry powder and red pepper. 

Blend it all together for a few minutes, or until it’s perfectly smooth and creamy. If you like your soups to be on the chunkier side, blend only until the major chunks are smooth and stop before it’s blended completely.   

After it’s all blended, you can season the soup with salt and pepper to taste, and then carefully transfer the pureed soup into a bowl. Garnish with the leftover cauliflower and fresh parsley, and you’re ready to eat! 

If you’re feeling extra hungry, making dinner for two, or you just want to have a keto-friendly lunch ready for the next day, simply double (or triple!) this recipe. These leftovers are amazing.

“I’ve never had a keto soup that’s so smooth, and with such a delightful flavor!! ★★★★★” – Anna T. (California)

Here are a few very important rules to keep in mind when blending hot soups:

– Never fill the blender more than halfway. The level of soup will increase as it swirls around the blender, so overfilling the pitcher at the start will cause the contents to overflow, and end up all over you and your countertop. Not a good look. If you’re using a smaller blender, make sure to only fill it half way, and blend in batches to prevent making a huge, burning mess.  

– Utilize your blender’s removable lid section. Many blender lids actually come with a removable center piece that you’ve probably never noticed before! As hot contents blend, pressure builds up inside from the steam, so if you don’t give that steam an opening to escape, the top of your blender will pop off, once again causing the soup to overflow and end up all over you and your countertop. (FYI, this is why some blender manufacturers tell you to never blend hot liquids- there’s no steam vent.) To prevent this, you could use a folded up kitchen towel and hold it gently over the top of the blender so that there are no splashes.

– Avoid the stop-and-start. Have a little faith in yourself and the soup-making magic that lies within! Starting and stopping the blender to check the consistency is not a great idea. When you first turn on the blender, you should notice very little splatter because all chunks are being drawn into the vortex. 

But, if you stopped and then started your blender again, you’d probably find that the contents will try to splash up (and all over you) with more height and force than a water park ride. You ever wonder how people say confusing things like, “I ended up with soup on the ceiling!” This is exactly how that happened. 

We’re approximately 8,000 gallons of soup later, and still knee-deep in the middle of our love affair, with no signs of stopping. 

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