Keto Creamy Taco Soup

If you’re looking to level-up your Taco Tuesdays the Keto way, look no further than this Creamy Taco Soup!

Some people collect stamps, others collect vintage t-shirts, and we… we collect bomb soup recipes. When we realized that we could make a taco soup that was keto-friendly and easy, we kind of flipped out.

Blend up a virgin Margarita, kick back + relax, and let our Creamy Tomato Bone Broth Soup do all the work with this super simple (yet amazingly filling) recipe.

Keto Creamy Tomato Bone Broth Soup

This ingredient list is short (tomato bone broth soup, ground beef, avocado, tomatoes and cilantro) but the flavors and heartiness of this soup make it feel worthy of being a whole entree itself, not just a side. 

Word to the wise: We’ve been known to double this recipe so we can have enough for lunch the next day (and we highly recommend doing the same), because once you try this recipe, you’re definitely going to want to eat it again ASAP. This soup can last in the fridge, in an airtight container, for up to 4 days, and tastes even better (is that possible??) the next day! 

Here’s What To Do:

Brown Your Ground Beef

Many weeknight favorites (especially hearty meals like chili and tacos) often start out with the same instructions: “brown your ground beef.” This is truly nothing complicated, so don’t let it intimidate you. 

Some recipes may have you add extra spices during the browning, but if you truly brown your ground beef, you’ll achieve all the flavor you really need for this Keto Taco Soup.

For optimal freshness and taste, try to buy the freshest ground beef possible by choosing meat that has the latest “sell by” date. Also, you want your meat to stay cold while you’re shopping, so make the meat counter your last stop before heading to the checkout. 

Now, in order to brown your meat - rather than steam it - the pan needs to be hot. Heat your skillet or frying pan over medium-high heat for a few minutes before plopping in your meat. 

Adding olive oil is optional, but it’s recommended for the best browning possible. And don’t worry, olive oil is a staple in almost every kitchen - but especially in keto kitchens - because of its high amount of monounsaturated fats and its rich, unique flavor.

Once you add the ground beef to the hot pan, use a wooden spoon or spatula to break the meat up into large pieces. Let it brown like this for several minutes, breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces as it cooks. If you’d like to add a little salt, add it in now! 

This cooking process should take only about 5-10 minutes, so while you’re waiting for your meat to brown, get your taco soup base ready. 

Prep Your Creamy Tomato Bone Broth Soup

Prepare the Power Provisions Keto Creamy Tomato Soup according to easy-to-follow instructions on the soup cup. Simple as that! What should you do while you’re waiting for dinner to basically cook itself? 

We suggest relishing in doing as little as possible - ideally with a glass of wine or a good book. 

Assembling Your Keto Creamy Taco Soup

When your ground beef is browned and your bone broth soup is hot, it’s time to throw everything together for the final fiesta. Mix the ground beef, soup cup and chopped tomatoes together, then pour it in a bowl and top with cubed avocado and cilantro. 

Keto Creamy Taco Soup

If You’re Feeling Extra…

Here are a few additions you can make to your keto taco soup if you have some extra time on your hands, or you want to make a slight variation of the recipe later on down the road:

— Add a few shakes of dried garlic powder (or fresh, if you have it!) to your ground beef as it’s cooking, to give it a distinctly powerful taste.

— Toast a few cauliflower “tortillas” and crumbled them on top of your soup for a little extra *crunch*

— Squeeze half of a fresh lime over your finished soup bowl, to give it a zesty kick.

Perfect for our fellow keto lovers, and those who also have a love for tacos, this recipe is quick and easy - but tastes anything but. There’s very few things that delight us as much as the reward for having no dinner plan being a delicious dish that came together with barely a minute of planning. 

If you made this recipe or any others using our bone broth soups, tag us on Instagram and we’ll show you some love.

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