Paleo On The Go; Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

When you’re trying to be “good” and stick to your Paleo diet, there’s really nothing worse than being on-the-go and being hungry, and not able to find something you can eat! 

If you’re like many Americans who are constantly on the go, your paleo lifestyle can sometimes fall by the wayside. The “can’t eat this, can’t eat that” approach to Paleo can cause anxiety - especially when there’s a shortage of Paleo foods available. 

Luckily, whether you’re packing your lunch for work, school, or simply because you’ll be out of the house all day, our on the go Paleo bone broth soups will have your needs totally covered. 

Keep reading for our tips and tricks for maintaining an on the go Paleo lifestyle!

Keto Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth Soup

Paleo On the Go Meal Ideas

The key to making a paleo on the go lifestyle work is by planning

Sometimes, planning out meals for the week feels like just *another* thing to add to your to-do list, but a little preparation affords you the flexibility later on down the road when the guess-work is taken out of your dinner schedule.

To help take the thinking out of the planning stage for you, here are some easy Paleo on the go meal ideas:

Paleo Deviled Eggs

paleo deviled eggs

This is one of the tastiest and easiest Paleo recipes that you can make and take on-the-go – but you don’t have to take our word for it! Head over to the recipe page to see it for yourself. 

Pro tip: make these deviled-eggs ahead of time, and store them in the refrigerator at work or school- or keep them at home if home has turned into both these days!

Paleo Popcorn Chicken

paleo popcorn chicken

These yummy popcorn chicken bites are the perfect addition to a paleo soup or salad. It’s super fast, and you can make them in under ten minutes.

Paleo Bacon Zucchini Tots

Paleo bacon zucchini tots

Low carb and the perfect addition to your paleo on the go lunches, these tots are easy to make and oh-so delicious. Add them to the chicken vegetable bone broth soup for a crunchy treat!

On the Go Tips for Busy Paleo Lovers

Anticipate Your Needs

When you’re on the go, don’t let hunger sneak up on you and derail you from your Paleo diet. Anticipate the fact that you will get hungry, and take a look at what your day holds to see where you’ll be, and what kind of access you’ll have to paleo foods. Bring your favorite paleo snacks to tide you over until your next meal.

Don’t Go At It Alone 

It’s much more fun to go Paleo with another person, who  can help support you and keep you on track when a busy lifestyle starts to impede your progress. There are a lot of online groups you can join, or you can ask a family member if they’re interested in helping you on your journey.

Simple is Actually Great!

Keeping things simple with a Paleo on the go diet is essential if you want to succeed. The unspoken rule is: the more complicated a meal is, the less paleo it is. Stick to the basics, especially when you’re on the move. 

Explore Your Options

Most people think that the Paleo diet is restrictive and confining. But just because you can’t eat the exact same way you used to, it doesn’t mean you don’t have options! While you may not be eating the things you used to, you can still eat a varied diet that is delicious and satisfying! 

Stock Up on Paleo Foods

A pantry that is stocked full of Paleo foods is a sight to behold. Convenience is one of the best ways to stick to your paleo diet- and when you’re on the go, being able to grab something and head out the door is so helpful.

Find 7 Favorite Recipes

Try (and save) seven of your favorite easy paleo dinner recipes. Having a week’s worth of easy recipes that you wouldn’t mind having on repeat is a great way of taking the guesswork out of your paleo on the go lifestyle. The same can be done with breakfast and lunch recipes too. 

Remember Your WHY

Having a strong “why” will get you through even the hardest days on Paleo. At the end of the day, this is all geared towards your health and happiness and having a more active and fun life. Don’t lose sight of that when all you want to do is order a pizza!

Make Soup Your Best Friend

Paleo soups and stews are a great way to make a hearty and satisfying meal - and there’s tons of room for human error! 

creamy tomato bone broth soup

You Have Better Things to Do

Sure, life can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean your diet should be put on the back burner.

Opting for paleo on-the-go meals can mean the difference between being stressed, or having a day free of worrying about what you will eat.

We know it can be challenging to find Paleo on the go foods, so we created Power Provisions to finally give you the tools you need to stay happy, satisfied, and moving. 

Instead of spending hours looking for Paleo-friendly recipes, shopping for groceries, and meal prepping, you can grab a cup of bone broth soup and GO. Check out our recipe section for more paleo on the go recipes