Power Provisions' Sustainability

Power Provisions’ founder, Rita, experienced the benefits of collagenbone broth, and MCT oil as well as a low carb and high protein diet. She worked to bring the recipes that made her feel so amazing to everyone because she believes that everyone deserves to feel their best. 

Here at Power Provisions, we care about the health of people, but also the health of our planet. That’s why we produce our soup cups in California using a solar-powered factory. Plus, every Power Provisions product uses paper packaging from certified sustainably-managed forests. 

Let’s learn more about how we use sustainable practices to bring you tasty keto bone broth soups.


Climate change is reshaping our world. People first started recording reliable temperature records in the middle of the 1800s. Since then, global average temperatures have risen by between 1.1°C and 1.7°C higher than pre-industrial levels.

At Power Provisions, we believe in doing our part in the fight against climate change. That’s why we’ve built our own solar power system to power our factory where we make all our bone broth soup cups. Our paper cups are made from material sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Plus, we make our products here in the U.S. (California, to be exact).

bone broth soup cups


In raw numbers, our solar factory has a capacity of 1.35MW. Located in sunny California, it can run at peak efficiency most of the time, and it’s expected to put out 2 million kWh of power every year (estimate from the National Renewable Energy Lab PV Watts Calculator).

Unless you’re an electrical engineer, that probably doesn’t tell you much. Here’s another number to put things in perspective: we’re producing enough green energy to power more than 1,700 average California homes, according to PG&E’s average usage numbers. More to the point, we’re not just producing the bare minimum green energy to meet our needs. On a good day, we’re actually producing excess green energy.

In total, our solar array is expected to displace more than 1 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year, according to PG&E’s emissions numbers. According to the EPA, that’s the equivalent emissions of driving more than 1,200,000 miles in an average gas-powered vehicle!


The factory itself isn’t the only source of energy use; another big factor is transportation. The products have to be sourced, created, and then shipped out to our customers.

A lot of companies take a less sustainable route by outsourcing production to another overseas country, thereby creating tons of unnecessary transportation emissions.

Instead, Power Provisions cups are produced from scratch in Northern California. That way, there’s far less shipping to be done and the carbon footprint of each cup you enjoy is much lower than it would be with imported foods. Once the products are prepped and packaged, they’re already right here in the USA.


Packaging is often made cheaply as well: Styrofoam and other harmful materials require fossil fuels to produce. But Power Provisions cups are made from durable paper that’s sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified sustainably-managed forests.

Our paper cups are made from this SFI-certified material. The SFI has strict conditions for forests to be certified sustainable, including commitments to protect biodiversity, at-risk species, and wildlife, promoting sustainable harvest levels, and protecting water quality.

sustainable packaging


At Power Provisions, we put in the effort to create environmentally-responsible products. With our solar array, our facilities run on nearly 100% green energy. With our U.S.-based production, we don’t waste energy on unnecessary overseas shipping. Meanwhile, our paper packaging is made from sustainably-managed forests. That’s why you can feel good about eating our food, and not just because of the awesome ingredients!