Lazy Keto Meals

Whether it’s from your coworkers, friends, or an influencer you follow on Instagram, you’ve probably been exposed to the wonderful world of keto. While it doesn’t have to be complicated, many of us often find that it is.

Admittedly, keto isn’t necessarily the easiest routine to follow. (don’t…eat…that…) It’s no wonder why you might be trying to find a slightly easier option… like, lazy keto, for example. Hear us out! 

There are a few variations of keto that have started trending, including a version that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle, without completely sticking with traditional keto. One of our favorite alternatives is known as lazy keto, and… it’s gaining cult status among influencers and foodies alike. 

Today we’re talking about the lazy keto lifestyle, and (of course) we’re throwing in some of our favorite meals, too. 

Power Provisions Soup

First Off, What is “Lazy Keto?”

The keto diet has been a popular practice for years, but strict observers often admit how tough it can be to follow completely. To understand the lazy version of keto, let’s first talk about the original ketogenic diet - or keto, for short. 

This trendy high-fat-low-carb method of eating involves reducing your carb intake and upping your fat consumption. This (ideally) puts your body into a metabolic state, fondly referred to in keto circles as ketosis.

When you’re following the lazy keto diet, you simply aim to keep your daily carb intake low (between 20-50 grams) and go crazy on foods that are higher in “good fats” like avocados, nuts/seeds and cheeses.  

So basically, lazy keto means that you cut carbs, but don’t really follow any hard-and-fast rules when it comes to protein and fat intake. Even though you won’t typically go into ketosis with this keto approach, there is plenty of science-based evidence pointing to the fact that this might be a great lifestyle choice. 

Here Are Some Amazingly Easy Lazy Keto Meals 

Even if you’re not in a committed relationship with the strict keto lifestyle, and you’ve been taking a lazier approach, you’re probably getting a little tired of your current options. The good news is, there are a surprising amount of lazy keto meals that you can make if you’re adhering to the keto diet - ones that you might not have even thought about before! 

Here are some of our favorite, lazy keto meals, including keto soup and easy go-to snacks: 

Baked Cauliflower Bites

Today is a special day because it’s the day you learned about baked cauliflower bites. That’s right, you can make keto-approved, crispy cauliflower bites that taste better than the ones you’d find in a restaurant. 

Head over to the Instagram post to make this fun, lazy keto meal for yourself.

Keto Ham & Cheese Roll Ups

Keto ham and cheese roll ups

You can thank the keto gods that meat and cheese are on the guest list. You’ll find that there are very few lazy keto meals as easy as this one.

Just pick out your favorite Power Provisions bone broth soup- we went with the cheddar broccoli – and enjoy the fruits of your (basically effortless) meal. 

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Avocados

Yes, avocados are allowed on the keto diet. And yes, this recipe is insanely delicious. 

From the kitchen of @ketofocus, we bring you yet another lazy keto meal idea. The tangy buffalo chicken provides plenty of protein, so you’ll walk away feeling full and satisfied. If you’re looking to add a little more diversity, add a bone broth soup cup (we recommend the Creamy Tomato) to your meal.

Turkey Sandwich & Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Keto Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth Soup

If you’re craving the classic soup and sandwich combo, this meal will hit the spot. And isn’t a total sodium bomb either. While you’re waiting for your Broccoli Cheddar bone broth soup to be ready, throw together a quick keto sandwich (say that fast three times), like @kissmywheatgrass did here.   

The Bottom Line 

Lazy keto is a new-ish approach to the classic keto diet, and can offer a much more manageable approach for people who are interested in keto, but are nervous about the restrictive nature of this lifestyle. 

Power Provisions is here to help, whether you’re going all-out keto, or are dipping your toes into the water. With the convenience of our keto soup cups, and the ability to customize them however you’d like, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least try the lazy keto lifestyle.

We make the best keto bone broth around using MCT oil and collagen to give your day an extra boost.