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5 Keto Snack Recipes to Enjoy with Bone Broth Soup

Starting or maintaining a special diet can be difficult. It takes time to meal prep your food and sometimes the monotony can make it feel like it’s not worth the effort. At Power Provisions, we believe your Paleo and Keto diets should be easier, more convenient, and consistently delicious. We make our bone broth soup cups with collagen, MCT oil, and 13-20 grams of protein each. They’re all under 6 grams net carbs and are gluten-free and grain-free, too!

Our soup cups take almost no time to prepare and are amazing on their own – especially when you’re on-the-go and need a super fast meal. Sometimes, though, we love taking a bit of that extra saved time to make homemade Keto-friendly snacks to pair with our soups. These are some of our favorite Keto snacks that all pair perfectly with our Keto-friendly Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth Soup and Keto-friendly Creamy Tomato Bone Broth Soup.

If you try any of these recipes out for yourself, make sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok! We can’t wait to hear how you like them.

Keto Fried Avocado (with Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth Soup)

Avocados are a staple in most people’s keto diets. They’re full of good fats and they’re, well, absolutely delicious. What’s more keto-friendly than frying an avocado? We breaded some avocado slices with almond flour and fried them up in avocado oil. Add it on top of our Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth Soup for some extra creamy, crunchy deliciousness!


Keto Parmesan Crackers (with Creamy Tomato Bone Broth Soup)

Crackers and soup just make sense together! But store-bought crackers can be full of carbs and weird ingredients, so we made our own cheesy crackers to compliment our creamy tomato soup! Think grilled cheese and tomato soup. Yum! These low carb, Keto friendly parmesan crackers are full of flavor and so easy to make. Dip into your Power Provisions bone broth soup for a healthful nostalgic meal.


Keto Parmesan Zucchini Fries (with Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth Soup)

Fries are always the answer. But, again, on a keto diet it can be hard to find conventional fries that aren’t loaded with starchy carbs. Enter – veggie fries! Use zucchini instead of potatoes, and you have the perfect crispy, cheesy, low carb topping for our cheddar broccoli bone broth soup! Also great for dipping into your favorite keto sauces or enjoying on their own. They’re just that good.

Keto Ham & Cheese Roll Ups (with Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth Soup)

Does it really get much better than meat and cheese? Nope! We love adding things into our soups, but wanted to try out a delicious side and we’re so in love with how these turned out. These roll-ups are the perfect side for our cheddar broccoli soup. All you need is 5 ingredients and a few minutes and you’re on your way to a Keto approved, quick lunch that’ll keep you full.


Keto Parmesan Bites (with Creamy Tomato Bone Broth Soup)

You can’t go wrong with tomato soup and a cheesy snack! We’ve all experienced the deliciousness that is tomato soup and a grilled cheese, but we wanted to try something a little different. These low-carb keto parmesan bites are the perfect golden parmesan snack to dip into our creamy tomato soup. All you need for this recipe is parmesan, eggs, heavy cream, and chives and green onion for garnish!


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5 Paleo Snack Recipes to Pair with Bone Broth Soup
5 Paleo Snack Recipes to Pair with Bone Broth Soup
Welcome to Power Provisions!
Welcome to Power Provisions!