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Welcome to Power Provisions!

Power Provisions
28 March 2020
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We know it can be really difficult to meet your wellness goals on the go – everyone is commuting, hustling, traveling, and always on the move. We understand that maintaining an active and busy lifestyle is a top priority, and we need the fuel for our bodies to keep us healthy and happy!

That’s where we come in – Power Provisions items are easy to make, taste ridiculously amazing, and help everyone meet their special diet goals, recover from their workouts, and stay full longer.

What Makes Power Provisions Different?

Our products are on-the-go friendly special diet items. Here’s what makes us different:

■ Bone broth soups
■ Paleo-friendly and keto-friendly
■ 18-20g protein
■ 5-10 Net carbs or under per cup!
■ Collagen
MCT oil

Our Founder Rita’s Story: 

“I’ve always loved having an active lifestyle and cooking for family and friends, but some of my favorite activities started making me feel sore and my recoveries started taking longer. I wanted to keep doing what I loved, recover faster, and feel great, so I decided to take my health in my own hands and began researching holistic solutions. This inspired a huge shift in the way I was eating. I started cooking with more protein, collagen, and going grain free and was hooked.

That’s when I realized I had to start Power Provisions. I worked to bring the recipes that made me feel so amazing to everyone because I believe that everyone deserves to feel their best. That’s why Power Provisions exists – we’re here to Power Your Anytime.”

We are so excited to share our vision of holistic wellness and cannot wait to see where Power Provisions takes you!

~The Power Provisions Team

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